The massage in Palermo has only one name: “RELYDRA”

Receive your massage in a Hotel, B&B or Holyday home or come to my studio.

The word “Relydra” is the English diminutive of RElax LYmphatic DRAinage, and represents an innovative massage technique designed to achieve two results:

  • It promotes lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce water retention and cellulite.
  • It provides a relaxing and decontracting experience, relieving muscle tension and promoting overall well-being.

Relydra is distinguished by its scientific basis and experience accumulated over the years. Founded on academic principles, the treatment was developed with just the right amount of energy, derived from long practice as a sports physiotherapist in soccer teams and from the sensitivity acquired through hospital treatments, life in cities such as Milan and London, but above all from the specialization I am obtaining in 2019 in dermatofunctional physiotherapy,

Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy is the specialized area of clinical physiotherapy responsible for the evaluation and treatment of physical-aesthetic-functional disorders resulting from clinical conditions, diseases, surgeries and events that directly or indirectly affect the integrity of the integumentary apparatus

The integumentary apparatus consists of the skin or skin and skin adnexa (hair, sweat glands, and nails).

Scientific basis on which Relydra the best lymphatic drainage massage in Palermo is based

The lymphatic system is a network of lymphatic vessels and nodes that helps drain excess fluids from the body, fight infection and maintain body fluid balance.

In an age when simplicity and a natural approach are increasingly valued, Relydra presents itself as an effective and immediate answer to the body’s wellness needs. The treatment acts on the lymphatic stations, promoting lymph circulation and reducing the negative effects of chronic stress, such as increased cortisol levels and its impacts on cellulite and skin health.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress. High levels of cortisol in the blood can contribute to fat accumulation, particularly around the abdomen, and can also affect the distribution of body fat, potentially increasing the visibility of cellulite.

Thanks to its targeted manipulations, Relydra, the lymphatic drainage massage in Palermo, promises tangible results from the very first session. Skin appears smoother and more elastic, the silhouette reshaped, and the feeling of swelling and heaviness in the legs diminishes, leaving a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Discover the rejuvenating power of Relydra today and give your body the treatment it deserves with the best lymphatic drainage massage in Palermo.

60′ minutes     –     € 65

Massage in Palermo - Hotel, B&B or Holiday home

Also in Hotel, B&B or Holiday home.

Massage in Palermo

The Treatment will be performed exclusively by me, let me tell you who I am:

My name is Vincenzo Buzzi and I was born in Palermo on October 3, 1984. After graduating in Physiotherapy from the Faculty of Medicine at Tor Vergata University in 2006, I immediately started working in private and contracted outpatient facilities. Soon I got my first job in professional soccer, as a physiotherapist in the youth sector of A.S. RomaS.p.a. After only 5 months, I was promoted to the first team, where I continued working until June 2012. In the meantime, I opened a private physiotherapy practice in Rome and also successfully participated in a postgraduate course in Uroriabilitazione at Tor Vergata University.

After a brief experience in the United Kingdom, in 2016 I joined as a physiotherapist of the first team of Palermo Calcio. In 2019, after specializing in Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy, I decided to move to Milan, where I opened a practice in collaboration with aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons, focusing mainly on anti-cellulite treatments and lymphatic drainage massage.

In 2020, I became licensed to practice in Switzerland and began working with a practice in Lugano. It was during this period that I started Relydra, a new lymphatic drainage massage modality that I designed.

In September 2023, I launched the drBuzzi brand, characterized by a modern approach to physiotherapy, less machine-centered and more focused on manual technique, with special attention to orthopedic and aesthetic pathologies, bringing the best lymphatic drainage massage to Palermo.